Reichtangle (German: Reicheck) is the countryball character representing the German Empire during World war one (1914 - 1918) and the inevitable future 4th Reich.

On /r/polandball Reichtangle can only be a 4th Reich, the German Empire is a normal ball there.[1] However, everywhere else, Reichtangle can be both. 

He is a tall, slender character with small white dots for eyes. He tends to loom over his peers and thoroughly creep them out. He's very stärk but tends to prefer to "play" with the other countries. This, though, tends to end in Reichtangle "breaking" His "toys". Many think of Reichtangle as "evil" but, really, hes just like a child, learning to play. Unfortunately this child is ridiculously stärk and obsessed with "Anschluss". This means he's often lonely; with only Ottomanball and Austria-Hungaryball to keep him company.

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