Front Near-front Central Near-back Back
Close i•y ɨ•ʉ ɯ•u
Near-close ɪ•ʏ ɪ̈•ʊ̈ ʊ
Close-mid e•ø ɘ•ɵ ɤ•o
Mid e̞•ø̞ ə•ɵ̞ ɤ̞•o̞
Open-Mid ɛ•œ ɜ•ɞ ʌ•ɔ
Near-Open æ ɐ
Open a•ɶ ä•ɒ̈ ɑ•ɒ

Paired vowels are: unrounded • rounded

Vowel fact sheet Edit

name height backness roundness IPA number IPAtext Close front unrounded vowel close front unrounded 301 i
Close front rounded vowel close front rounded 309 y
Close central unrounded vowel close central unrounded 317 ɨ
Close central rounded vowel close central rounded 318 ʉ
Close back unrounded vowel close back unrounded 316 ɯ
Close back rounded vowel close back rounded 308 u
Near-close near-front unrounded vowel near-close near-front unrounded 319 ɪ
Near-close near-front rounded vowel near-close near-front rounded 320 ʏ
Near-close near-back rounded vowel near-close near-back rounded 321 ʊ
Close-mid front unrounded vowel close-mid front unrounded 302 e
Close-mid front rounded vowel close-mid front rounded 310 ø
Close-mid central unrounded vowel close-mid central unrounded 397 ɘ
Close-mid central rounded vowel close-mid central rounded 323 ɵ
Close-mid back unrounded vowel close-mid back unrounded 315 ɤ
Close-mid back rounded vowel close-mid back rounded 307 o
Mid central vowel mid central unrounded 322 ə
Open-mid front unrounded vowel open-mid front unrounded 303 ɛ
Open-mid front rounded vowel open-mid front rounded 311 œ
Open-mid central unrounded vowel open-mid central unrounded 326 ɜ
Open-mid central rounded vowel open-mid central rounded 395 ɞ
Open-mid back unrounded vowel open-mid back unrounded 314 ʌ
Open-mid back rounded vowel open-mid back rounded 306 ɔ
Near-open front unrounded vowel near-open front unrounded 325 æ
Near-open central vowel near-open central vowel 324 ɐ
Open front unrounded vowel open front unrounded 304 a
Open front rounded vowel open front rounded 312 ɶ
Open back unrounded vowel open back unrounded 305 ɑ
Open back rounded vowel open back rounded 313 ɒ

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