The Twin Destroyers of Azarath are enemies of Raven who made their debut in the episode Love Monsters.


These Twin Destroyers of Azarath lived in Raven's cedar chest when she attempted to banish them back to Azarath. They seem to be harmless and cute at their small size; having large bright eyes, big ears and little horns. They seek for love and affection but when they get it they morph together and forming a one giant two-headed monster capable of destruction after kissing them. The only way to defeat them was by weakening them with insults and mean compliments separating them back to normal on their original size in order for them to get back in the chest.


  • They are similar to the "Gigglepies" from The Fairly Oddparents. Another show that Tara Strong also works on.
  • The twin destroyers did not exist in the original Teen Titans series, and were made exclusively for Teen Titans Go!.
  • They are only shown in the episode Love Monsters.

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